Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Deadwood, South Dakota

Monday 20 August
Deadwood, South Dakota

Deadwood, South Dakota is famous for Gold being discovered there, and for Wild Bill Hickok being shot dead in the #10 Saloon. Not much more.

Signs make the best
of history's famous names.

Kevin Costner owns a casino with two restaurants upstairs in the middle of downtown. Diamond Lil's, more of a cafe, and Jake's, which is fine dining. Posters and other memorabilia of his movies line the walls - everywhere.

This building must have been a dealership for the Hudson Motor Car Company. Manufactured from 1909 to 1954 as Hudson products, and later produced by the American Motors Corporation from 1954 to 1957. They were very popular cars - won a lot at the race tracks.

Charlie Utter

In the spring of 1876, he and his brother Steve organized a wagon train in Georgetown, Colorado and headed for South Dakota. When the wagon train passed through Cheyenne, Wyoming he ran into his old friend Wild Bill Hickok who joined the caravan, along with more than 100 others including prospectors, gamblers, and a troop of “working girls.” Later, in Fort Laramie, Calamity Jane also joined the wagon train.

The Number 10 Saloon, is where Bill Hickok was shot!
This saloon is in a different location than the original #10.
So this is the #2 , #10.

Deadwood Train Depot.
Like most old depots, it has been made into an information center.

Mt Moriah cemetery overlooks the town of Deadwood.

Bust of Wild Bill at his burial site. He probably turned over in his grave when Calamity Jane insisted on being buried next to him.

Prostitution was allowed until 1980. Now, mannequins watch the streets from dismal second story windows.

Gambling was made legal in Deadwood in 1989 -- which literally saved the town from dying. Today, it is still the only city in South Dakota where gambling is legal.

History revisited, the original #1, #10 saloon located in the "badlands" section of town burned down. A new #2, #10 opened up the street, the sign is shown in the photo below. So then this building (above photo) was built on the original site, so it's the #3, #10.

This is on display
in the new location
of the #2, #10 saloon.

Not bad enough being shot in the back of the head, now poor old Bill's picture is every where - even on the Public Works trucks.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


26 August 2007

Once again, in Idaho as well as all these high country states, all you have do is find some good grass and tie your horse to the tree --- even if it's right alongside the road. Just don't forget where you left him. As we approached a curve in the road, after seeing this horse, I commented that it seemed like there was a lot of manure in the road.

Around the curve there was a pick-up truck parked on the shoulder, with a man waving a red flag out the driver's side window. We stopped and asked what was wrong. All he said was, "Sheep up there on the road!"

You never see dogs working like this on TV. Six dogs and they all knew exactly what they were supposed to do.

Of course, when you're the lead have to oversee the operation.

Begging Donkeys

Saturday 18 August 2007

As we drove from Custer, we found these guys sitting and standing alongside the road.

We learned later that they are called 'the begging donkeys'.

As you slow down, so as not to hit them, they come closer.

Can you spot the ass in this picture?

All the cars stop - donkeys just block the road.

"Hey Mac, whatcha got in there? Any carrots? I got a family to feed."

Monday, September 3, 2007