Friday, May 23, 2008

Photographing the art of San Diego

Ever wonder where some of the things you see in life come from?
Deinna and I had that opportunity to meet the artist of one creation yesterday in Downtown San Diego.

Jeremy Wright and his niece work on his masterpiece located at 16th and Island street. He is a sculptor/teacher from Encinitas CA.

Looking through his collection of chards for that next "perfect piece", Jeremy selects it....

butters it....

and places it just so.

Jeremy was given permission to decorate the outside walls with his mosaic mural. Many local people have joined in by decorating a small part of the wall. You will find broken plates, bottle caps, cup handles, ceramic tiles, a spark plug, and even an old wrench and hammer. This building has now become the site of many photographic shoots, newspaper articles, and blog entries.

This labor of love is now in the middle of it's 3rd year. The theme is COLOR!

Almost in the shadow of Petco Park, the Island street side of the building reveals many religious symbols, a baseball player and some very interesting characters.

God's Extended Hand is a community outreach and homeless shelter located at 16th and Island streets in downtown San Diego. For seventy five years, GEH has been a place of hope, love, refuge, and encouragement. Reaching out to the community in meaningful ways, it has been located on this corner for the last 50 years in one of the roughest parts of the East Village area.