Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year !!

Happy New Year and best wishes for you in the coming New Year!!
From Deinna & Lou

Saturday, December 21, 2013

South Park,South Bark & Donna Walker

Our visit to South Park.

Lou, Donna and Deinna outside the "South Bark" Dog Wash.

Donna Walker, my former shipmate at Fleet Imaging Command Pacific, excellent videographer and now retired PHC, tells us about the Saturday Night Walkabout, sponsored by the South Park Business Association. The business' stay open one Saturday night a month for pedestrian traffic to cruise the neighborhood. Donna's dog washing business is doing very well, so much that there is often a waiting line.  Behind the sign, she has a very large, comfortable outdoor waiting area which doubles for those waiting in line and also the drying area for the freshly washed dogs.

Inside "South Bark" are the four large dog washing stations. Donna explaned the layout promotes comradery with the customers and easy access to their dogs in the wash tubs.

  All necessary items are at the ready: shampoo, towels and well trained assistants to help with
 your questions. Donna and her partner developed a 
"Blueberry Shampoo" that is 
patented and now being sold nationwide.
"South Bark" also offers many training events and discount coupon offers.
For pricing and washing options, check out their website.

Located at:
2037 30th Street, San Diego CA 92104
Here are links for "South Bark" 

What started our trip to South Park was 
seeing the Christmas Tree Donna Walker posted on her FaceBook page. 
 I showed it to my wife Deinna and she said "we need to go see that."  
So, getting the directions from Donna, we set off for South Park.
If you live in San Diego and don't know where South Park is,
well, it is a friendly little neighborhood located
east of Balboa Park, West of I-15,
 and as you guessed,
it is south of North Park.

The tree is located at the corner of Grape St. and 30th St.,
and is almost directly in front of "The Big Kitchen" restaurant.

In her youth, Whoopie Goldberg lived close-by 
and actually worked at The Big Kitchen.
Covering it's wall are hundreds of pictures  - - of the famous,  
not-so-famous, and infamous people who have visited throughout the years.
There are pictures of Bob Dylan,  President Bill and Hillary Clinton, 
a life-size cutout of Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, 
lots of different San Diego personalities and the list goes on and on.
You'll just have to see for yourself!

We understand this restaurant was constructed in the early '60's, and the
wooden front counter was made even earlier than that.

There are as many nooks and crannies within the confines of the Big Kitchen
as there are nooks and crannies in an English Muffin!

So, if you're ever in the mood to reminisce, or just check out
some of the early San Diego neighborhoods,
make sure you put South Park at the top of your list.
Maybe you could even have a bite at The Big Kitchen.
The atmosphere, along with great breakfasts, are quite a treat.

Go ahead, get out there - there are plenty of places 
right here in San Diego you never knew existed.
It's fun to find them!