Monday, August 19, 2013

Great Day at Great Lakes IL
My grandson, Tony John Adzima, graduated from Boot Camp
on August 9th 2013.
Once again, America can sleep well.  For the third time in history,
an ADZIMA has assumed the watch.

The last time I was there was February 1966. Quite a bit has changed, but the Mission is still the same,
creating the greatest sailors in the world.

The drill hall ready for graduation. 

Tony's ship was the USS Marvin Shields, Division 296
The marker was for family members to find seats in front 
of their sailor's division.

State flag bearers waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Ditto for the Drill Team.
Hurry-up and wait.
Some things never change.
Finally, Tony's Division arrives. The black things they are carring are their raincoats.

The drill team ready to perform.

The events in front of the reviewing stand were projected on screen. 

The State flags on parade.  A state flag was present for each state which had a sailor graduating.

Reviewing the troops.

It's hard to pick out one person when they are all dressed the same, and with bad hair cuts.
Tony is circled. 

Then finally "Liberty Call"

Mom (Nicole) greets her new Sailor.

Boot Camp Buddies.

Monday, August 5, 2013

The Yellow Deli, Vista California

After looking at the cars at the Vista Rod Run, we came across the "Yellow Deli" restaurant, located at 315 East Broadway. Drawn in by the rustic look of the outside, we wanted to check out the inside also. Much to our amazement we found it difficult to absorb the interior all at once. To say that we were both overwhelmed by the decor is an understatement.  We loved it, it's just our cup of tea.

Here is a link to their website.   
Here's a link to more photos.

From the sidewalk, this is the arbor that greets you.

At the top of the spiral staircase, you look across to the dumbwaiter that brings the orders up from the kitchen, located on the first floor.  

Notice the three shelves of the dumbwaiter containing customer food orders.  

This is the view from the other side showing the rope and pulley system.
By the bar is another dumbwaiter that lowers the dirty dishes to be cleaned.

This is the "Whatever You Are" room, aka the Unisex bathroom.

Here is the 'next in line' waiting area.

Deinna admires the upstairs lounge next to the bar.

The indoor lounge looks out to the outdoor lounge area with waterfall, staircase and barstools.

Little nooks and crannies all over.

We ate here, and can recommend both the food and the service.

Vista Rod Run, August 4th 2013

 Sunday, the 4th of August, we went to the "24th Annual Vista Rod Run" in Vista, California.  Deinna's long time friends, Mike and Terry Dowd,  were the main reason we made the trip.  They
 traveled from Bishop, Ca. to attend the show with their '55 Chevy Nomad station wagon.

 Deinna surprised Terry by sneaking up on her from the back.

Mike appeared a few minutes later.

 Here is their pride and joy.  A beautiful Orange 1955 Chevy Bel Air Nomad station wagon. Mike had the same model car when he was in high school.  Sold it to buy their first house. This one he purchased around 2004.

                                                             Mike, Deinna, Terry and Lou

It was wonderful to see Mike and Terry again.  It's been along time since out last visit.

Here is a link to all the photos taken at the Rod Run.