Saturday, April 26, 2008

Gas Prices

Gas prices from a long time ago, the small sign next to the red "gas sign" shows .09-9/10 cents tax of .04-1/2 for a total of .13-9/10!

This "Dream of a Gas Station" , is one of the great visuals from the past, located at Simpson's Nursery in Jamul Ca. The nursery is owned and operated by Hal Simpson's Granddaughter Cathy and her husband Lee. In addition to a great plant selection they have assembled one of most fantastic collection of relics from yesteryear. Click the name above check out their site to see and learn more.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Baggage Cart

Located in Deadwood, South Dakota, this baggage cart has serviced it's last train.

I love the sights and sounds of the railroad. As a youngster, some of my favorite memories were formed by the every day sounds around the trains.

Waiting in the stations to see someone off on a journey, or to meet them as they came to visit, one conspicuously vibrant sound- the steel wheels of the baggage carts as they grated on the cobblestones of the station, formed some of my the fondest memories.

To today, I still can hear that sound, even though they sit empty, their wheels motionless, waiting for long forgotten trains that no longer polish the rails.