Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tecate Dental trips

In the middle of June, Deinna told me she had made a dental appointment. Nothing new, except the appointment was with a Dr. Gabriel Adame, in Tecate B.C., Mexico! Tecate is located about 22 miles from Jamul. It's a 30 minute trip from our home, southeast on highway 94 to the Tecate turn off on Hwy 188, or Tecate Road.
I'm by no means a fan of going to the dentist. I have disliked it since my childhood. Many of our friends have been going to Dr. Adame for years. (SITE LINK HERE) So, with my bag of fears bundled up, I drove Deinna to Tecate. We parked in a dirt lot, (in Tecate, California) which was within 300 yards of the border, paid $5.00 for the day, grabbed our passports (now required to get back in the USA) and made our way to the border crossing.

After entering Mexico, you turn left and walk parallel to the US Border for 2 blocks, turn left again and you're at the dentist's office. Since I was there anyway, I decided to have them look at my teeth. I had to have an X-ray taken. At the end of the visit I paid $5.00 - and that was for the X-Ray. The waiting room was made up of 95% Americans, who came from all over to have their dental work done here.

After the dental visit, we stopped in this restaurant for lunch. Not only challenged by the language, we also had no pesos. We finally figured out the cost and came up with enough dollars to pay and not require any change.

We got our food and sat down to eat, and within 5 minutes met the owner of the restaurant who spoke perfect English. I asked him how old this building was and inquired about the domed ceiling. He told us that the ceiling was only 5 years old and was done by one man and a helper. He built it up from each corner, a little at a time, and in one week finished not only this one, but an identical one right along side of the one pictured.

After lunch we walked to the square.

So much unemployment - one of the favorite pastimes is a friendly game of dominoes with your buddies under the trees in the town plaza.

Tecate beer chairs - the plant is located just a few blocks away.

Passports in hand, we head back to the USA.