Friday, August 7, 2009

Photos - Running the Numbers

Running the Numbers II
Portraits of global mass culture

Digital artist looks at how much we consume photographically.

View Chis Jordan's Web Site HERE then click on Running the Numbers II.

From his web site:
This new series looks at mass phenomena that occur on a global scale. Similarly to the first Running the Numbers series, each image portrays a specific quantity of something: the number of tuna fished from the world's oceans every fifteen minutes, for example. But this time the statistics are global in scale, rather than specifically American.

Finding meaning in global mass phenomena can be difficult because the phenomena themselves are invisible, spread across the earth in millions of separate places. There is no Mount Everest of waste that we can make a pilgrimage to and behold the sobering aggregate of our discarded stuff, seeing and feeling it viscerally with our senses.

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