Monday, August 5, 2013

The Yellow Deli, Vista California

After looking at the cars at the Vista Rod Run, we came across the "Yellow Deli" restaurant, located at 315 East Broadway. Drawn in by the rustic look of the outside, we wanted to check out the inside also. Much to our amazement we found it difficult to absorb the interior all at once. To say that we were both overwhelmed by the decor is an understatement.  We loved it, it's just our cup of tea.

Here is a link to their website.   
Here's a link to more photos.

From the sidewalk, this is the arbor that greets you.

At the top of the spiral staircase, you look across to the dumbwaiter that brings the orders up from the kitchen, located on the first floor.  

Notice the three shelves of the dumbwaiter containing customer food orders.  

This is the view from the other side showing the rope and pulley system.
By the bar is another dumbwaiter that lowers the dirty dishes to be cleaned.

This is the "Whatever You Are" room, aka the Unisex bathroom.

Here is the 'next in line' waiting area.

Deinna admires the upstairs lounge next to the bar.

The indoor lounge looks out to the outdoor lounge area with waterfall, staircase and barstools.

Little nooks and crannies all over.

We ate here, and can recommend both the food and the service.

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