Thursday, November 6, 2014

R.I.P. Larry Himmel - The day he came to our house.

One of the things that makes San Diego
"America's Finest City" is it's people.
And Larry Himmel was one of it's finest.

His wit, great smile, and never ending energy
will always mean something special, to not only the 
whole city, but to Deinna and I personally.

We'll never forget the day we met him.

In the early months of 2012, Deinna and I had just completed 
remodeling our patio. Just in time to enter that years "This
Old House" magazine's Outdoor Project contest.  They gave us a Moxie award. 
We were just happy to get our project's picture in the leading 
remodeling magazine, which helped make our labor worthwhile. 

Little did we know, the best was soon to come. The magazines news release 
got the attention of Larry at our local CBS station, channel eight! 
He was coming to do a story about US!
How great could this be, the best loved TV personality in 
San Diego was going to be here, in person, to film 
a piece for his "Larry Himmel's Neighborhood". 

 Here is a link to Larrys' Visit:

 As his videographer set up his close up, Larry happily chatted with us.

His easy manner and warm personality was revealed to be,
 "what you see, is what you get."  And more than that,
he was truly a nice person.  He had the unique ability to
meet someone for the first time and make them feel so comfortable, so
completely relaxed, that they felt like they were old friends.
This quality was apparent time and time again
with every story he ever did for his neighbohood.

                                         Rest in Peace, Larry.

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