Tuesday, August 21, 2007

City of Cheyenne

Friday, August 17, 2007

First United Methodist Church

St Mary's Cathedral

Cheyenne State Capitol Building

Victorian home that was converted into a Funeral Home.


Boots are very big in Wyoming. They paint them and leave them all over town. These boots are around 5 feet tall.

This ones in front of the train station.

So is this one.


The best restaurant in Cheyenne. Built as America's only authentic sliceria, Pizzeria Venti serves over 20 kinds of pizza by the slice. What makes this restaurant unique is that there are only 6 stores in the USA and the owner traveled to Italy to be trained. Not only did he bring back the recipes, the stores also import the water from Italy to make their dishes. We had timpanini (stuffed pizza pie) and bocce balls (no, not rocky mountain oysters), large meatballs encased in pasta dough, served with marinara sauce. Quite a treat.


The magnificent train station.

Inside, pretty much as is was when built.
A large concession stand was removed from the left side wall.

Within 5 minutes of entering the station, this downpour began. Lasting only another 5 and it was gone as quickly as it came.

This beautiful entrance allowed carriages to enter the train station for discharging their VIP passengers next to the train cars. Or, they could disembark to the safety of the waiting room if it was raining, as it was in the picture above.

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