Friday, August 17, 2007

Holy Cross Abbey

We stopped for the night at a KOA in Pueblo Colorado.

The next day, 15 August we headed west on Rt 50 to the Royal Gorge. In Canon City, we passed this beautiful building. Seeing that it was both a monastery and a winery, we added it to our check list of places to stop on the way back to the trailer. We were going to get some first class altar wine for mass in Jamul.

We did stop, only to find out the remaining eight monks were not enough to keep the Abbey financially viable. It is a massive complex. Sadly, it was forced to close this year, in February 2007. The chapel and the large complex attached has been sold to a New York City firm. This firm will, supposedly, 'conduct events in the spirit of the buildings original intent'. We guess that to mean, weddings, bar mitzvahs ??? etc. Uh ... who knows.

The winery (below) was sold separately. They were allowed to keep the name, and it is known as "The Winery at Holy Cross Abbey". A very nice man inside informed us they sell only first class, superior wines ... from imported grapes he called, 'juice' from California. When we asked about altar wine, he gave us that look, and might as well have said they didn't make anything cheap enough to be called 'altar' wine. So, no treat for Jamul.

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