Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Petrified Forest Tour

Not that seeing $750,000.00 worth of petrified wood was enough for us at the OK RV Park, we stopped at the Petrified Forest to make a 26 mile detour to see some more dead trees.

The entrance to the Petrified Forest off of I-40.

This is one of the Cadillacs used by "Indian Detours" in the 1930's to give personal tours of the petrified forest to travelers venturing down Route 66.

Tepee Mountains - guess how they got their name.

The many small objects on the valley floor in this photograph illustrate the vast quantity of petrified trees in this National Park. The next photo shows them closer up.

The Agate Bridge
Erosion washed away the soil from under this petrified tree forming this natural bridge. The concrete under the bridge was the result of early preservation efforts.

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