Sunday, August 19, 2007

U.S. Air Force Cadet Chapel Colorado Springs CO.

Saturday August 18, 2007

North entrance to the installation, which is located at the base of the Rampart Range on 18,500 acres; elevation is 7,163 above sea level at the terrazzo level. It is the headquarters of the US Air Force Academy and is supported by the 10th Air Base wing. Cadet wing strength is limited to 4,000.

Entering from the North Gate, one view of this massive installation as we drive to the Cadet Chapel.


A U.S. Air Force Cadet passes the front of the chapel.

These stairs lead up to the Protestant section, the largest, consisting of the entire top floor. Stairs down, lead to the Catholic and Jewish portion. Catholic is the larger, about 70 % of the lower floor, Jewish the remaining.

Each church affiliation is different in design, and each are equally beautiful according to their traditions.

Catholic Chapel.

Back of the altar.

Stained Glass of the Catholic Chapel.


Talk about your souvenirs! As you may know, Deinna is a stained glass artist. As fate would have it, we just happened to be there when workers were replacing broken panels in the Catholic Chapel. We stopped and chatted, and asked if we could have a piece they were discarding. Here she holds the glass they gave us.


The Jewish Synagogue.


Interior of the Protestant Chapel.

Ceiling of the Protestant Chapel. This stained glass is interlaced between the lance pointed shape of the roof line.


Memorials like this, surround the Chapel. Listed, are those Air Force personnel who have died in service to this country.



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